PhD Search & Selection has 25 years experience in technology recruitment.  We saw the transition from mainframes to 3 tier architecture using C++ and Java in the 90s as well as the first .com boom.

Our clients have always been early adopters of fast disruptive technology from Python to embedded code for faster performance.

We have seen technology, databases and hardware evolve, while the latest cloud iterations of Oracle and SAP at the heart of it is the sample principles of scalable robust software engineering.  

Having helped build the teams for the worlds fastest trading systems operating at a nano level trading up to 1m times we have first hand experience of what it takes to engineer high performance at a software and hardware level. 

We have worked in the internet of things since the mid 90s and have helped build from scratch digital divisions. 4G and 5G means we now have the same computing performance on our phones that we had on our desktops at the turn of the century but the architecture, how its used and how it gets delivered remains the same.

We have also evolved and we now use many sophisticated tools to manage processes and identify talent.  At the heart of what we do is the people and the knowledge and the experience to deliver against sophisticated requirements  and help people get rewarding enjoyable environments to grow.  For more details email